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CT fluoroscopy guided vertebroplasty for treatment of painful vertebral compression fractures.



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Results of Lumbar Disc Percutanoeus Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) with One Year Follow up in Iran.



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Evaluation of hydrogen peroxide enhanced endoanal ultrasound in detecting the internal orifice and type of fistula – in- ano




Iranian journal of Radiology / 2009/ Vol 6/ No 4


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Tehran University Medical Journal (TUMJ)




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Musculoskeletal Intervention


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Interventional Radiology in Dialysis Fistulas Management


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Unilateral in bilidness as the only Finding in a patient with high flow carotid cavernous fistula



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Traumatic pseudo –Aneurysm and concurrent Dissection of the Aortic arch treated with endovascular stenting


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Advances of Interventional Radiology in the Treatment of Hepatobiliary Diseases in Iran ID: 1378, in press, available




in 2011


Journal of Hepatitis monthly 2011, 11(7)


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Improvement of MR cholagiopancreatography (MRCP) images after black tea consumption



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neurology , psychiatry and brain research 1 9 ( 2 0 1 3 ) 1 1 4 – 1 2 0




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Received: 13 Jun. 2011; Received in revised form: 12 Jan. 2012; Accepted: 4 Jul. 2012



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