RF lower extremity

Treatment of lower extremity varicose veins using laser and RF
Laser therapy is a safe, appropriate and rapid treatment of varices of the lower extremities, which since 2002 has been approved by FDA.
Did you look bad, painful, swollen, enlarged veins and purple or blue discoloration of the legs are concerned?
All the above due to venous disease, varicose leg as well.
What are varicose veins?
Varicose veins are dilated scientific terms. Key operating system lacks oxygen, intravenous transfusion of blood from the heart to the different parts of the body. In healthy veins, the veins Have Valves , prevent the return of blood to the legs are. In case of loss of function of this valve or reform their failure accumulates and causes relaxation of blood in the veins and eventually they develop symptoms of varicose veins.
Standard methods of treatment?
In addition to the socks and put pressure on varicose veins, the most common method of treatment is surgical removal or stripping of incompetent vein. It requires general anesthesia and hospitalization and recovery time is 2-1 days to three weeks.
Laser therapy or (Endometrial Laser System) ELVES proper treatment method which has many advantages compared to surgery.
Benefits of laser therapy versus surgery and RF
RF laser
Need to be hospitalized.
Outpatient done.
General anesthesia is required.
With the use of local anesthesia is performed.
Further incision and scar tissue (scarring of affects.
Requires only a small incision and scar tissue after treatment and does not want stitches.
Need to rest for 3-1 weeks after surgery.
After treatment, the patient can go home with their feet out of the office.
After surgery, patients are.
There is very little or no pain after the treatment.
Benefits of laser therapy
• Lack of anesthesia
• Minimal discomfort.
• A short time for the treatment to excellent results for fitness
• Rapid return to normal activities
Which patients benefit most from this procedure are?
Ideal for patients who had lower extremity endovascular laser venous blood return from the great saphenous vein in the thigh.
This method is easy to implement. In the great saphenous vein using Doppler ultrasound and local anesthetic is injected into the treatment area. Using a small incision behind the knee area, small catheter into the saphenous vein is thin laser fiber into the vein under ultrasound guidance and the laser light is reflected and resulted in the disappearance of varices. After one week of treatment is required for patients with varicose veins socks wear.

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