Disco Gel


This article into the spinal disc between 

. Depending on the disks and discretion doctor, the injection can be in front ( of ) side 

or in the back behind ( and ) . 
. The work with a variety of ways , including water absorption disks , creating a barrier between outmediators 

generating chemical pain and blood vessel and its impact and reduces pain and even in cases 

neglect, rollback disk will be out in order to review the times of pain and the patient's problems 

and reduced to a normal life and his daily . 

disco gel  injection what ? 

One of the most important properties wonderful disco gel  is to be liquid injection of a 

very slender needles , led by X - ray machines and slowly over the last few minutes in the center of thedisc 

, but in a few minutes to create a prosthetic flexible and like cotton ball into 

to be ! The case is irreversible . 
the general intelligence in this way, not used . but the local anesthetic injection 

and downer for peace to be patient , so 

duties and the dangers of general anesthesia in this way. 

hospitalized for a few days ? 

In most cases, it could be in slippers , and the only reason for short - term under the bed , regardless ofthe patient, a CT scan carried out of control and / or any other reason to be concerned doctor 

mechanism and how the effect of disco gel 

out of the reform drive hydrophilic sector ( hydrophilic )of this article and to draw water from nearbyareas (including the sticking out into the center of disk ) . as well as 

into cracks and affected areas disks and these areas to be recovery 


during injection may 

you can coincided with the arrival of disco gel  , the doctor 

in pore damaged disk see 

disco gel slowly in the path of  and the disk unpredictability would go forward and other words 

all parts of the influence of the problem . gradual absorption of water in the 

, بمرور out some degree of returning to the site and the center of natural and provided with 

with the effects of anti - inflammatory, reduce the pain and save the root of the nearby nervous will be 
how long it takes to be visible effects of disco gel ? 

Although the understanding of the behavior of pain, and recovery, between different bodies , and wasvery different factors 

Several very complex , but usually gradual improvement over the next three to six weeks after injectionwill be visible 

How long after treatment with disco gel activity and sport can begin? 

to the type of activity , sports and physical condition depends on the person that between 3 6 to the week after treatment differs 

After treatment with neck disk disco gel  need a brace or is obligated to ? 

No regularly . But if needed, depending on the doctor's discretion used 

disco gel  respond rate in the treatment of the disk to what is it? 

according to an article published in the Journal of the backbone of the disorders in October publication2007 was given 

( Jurnal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques ) 

 disco gel  chips - - rated their response rate in without accident 91.4 % ( right ) and has been very good

and in patients with sharp chips - - like and narrow channel and l  accompanied by othermethods response was conducted between 82 % - 84 % 

Very good Good=

the absence of pain, restrictions on unusual activity 


Sometimes there was pain, restrictions on the activities of small unusually high failure rate this way ? 

According to research journal articles in a variety of programmes, including the backbone of thedisorders has been done 

the need surgery 

people who had been treated with disco gel , two of the total, 276 people 

that in the event that the choice of patients correctly , digital perfectly acceptable and rational 

treatment benefits of using disco gel

Since this method to cut and stitch need surgery , tissues and anatomy 

the healthy and remains intact , and no apparent and the beauty of the sheetpile, no 

Besides , one of the remarkable impacts disco gel compared to 

no longer the decrease in the height of the disc 
Have disk relapse there ? 

Yi , according to surveys for 7 years and no relapse back is not observed 

But even in a recurrence of the disco gel injection can be repeated , even in cases where need surgerythat there would be no problem and clash with operation

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